The Summer Practice Season Begins Soon

Please check Summer Practice Steps link (also given below) for insurance and other policies related to your summer practice.

Letter to be submitted to the SP Company:

In Turkish and In English

Print the letter and submit it to the company that you are working at during your SP.


Due to new YOK regulations, students that are paid during their Summer Practice work are required to fill and sign a new form that can be obtained here. This form is to be submitted to the Student Affairs office before/during your summer practice. You will also need to collect additional info during your summer practice and fill a database form after finishing your SP and fill the following form.

a. Link to submit the required extra information for Paid Summer Practice.

IMPORTANT: National SGK Insurance for ALL STUDENTS :

b. Link to submit your insurance information
c. List of students whose insurance information is submitted to Rector's Office as of now.

More on SGK Insurance:

1. We submit your insurance information to the Rector's office 14 days before the start of your summer practice. For example if your practice starts at June 22nd, then we submit your data on June 8th. You are allowed to change/re-enter your information before the final submission to the Rector's office.

2. We may submit your insurance information with a few days of delay. This is due to sending of information in lots of 10 students. Please do not worry if your information is not submitted exactly 14 days before the start of your SP. It should be submitted in a few days window.

3. Students whose insurance information is finallized can pick up the notice of SGK insurance from EEMB Student Affairs Office (Serdar Bey, Onder Bey). Your notice will be ready 3 days before the start of your Summer Practice.

4. Students who can not get SGK insurance on-time:
Getting/not-getting the insurance does not affect your EE300/400 grade in any way. Your EE300/400 grades are given by the examination of your reports.

Any problems, please contact : velif at metu dot edu dot tr OR afsars at metu dot edu dot tr
Subject line should start with "STAJ:"
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